Iea 15 mw wind turbine

Hi everyone,

I am running simulations for the 15 MW IEA wind turbine. I have obtained the outpout files, and i would like to obtain the results in matlab. I have added the ReadFASTbinary in my folder of 3ms (it is called 3ms since i am running simulations for wind speed of 3ms).I do not know why after introducing the follwing command in the command window, it fails:

outbfile = ‘IEA-15-240-RWT-Monopile_3ms.outb’;
[Channels, ChanName, ChanUnit, FileID, DescStr] = ReadFASTbinary(outbfile);
time = Channels(:,1);

Thanks for helping

Dear @Alberto.Utrera,

What error you are getting when you execute this code in MATLAB?

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In the following link(in the folder 3ms inside the monopile folder), i open the file called ReadFastBinary3ms and introducing the command that I sent in the previous message, the MATLAB does not run:

Dear @Alberto.Utrera,

I had no problem reading your IEA-15-240-RWT-Monopile_3ms.outb file the ReadFASTbinary.m script available from the current MATLAB Toolbox: matlab-toolbox/Utilities/ReadFASTbinary.m at main · OpenFAST/matlab-toolbox · GitHub. However, I do see that your version of the script is different than this; perhaps you are using an older version?

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Dear @Alberto.Utrera ,

Incase, you have ‘*.out’ file from OpenFAST and want to read in Matlab for further post-processing below are the quick Matlab commands. You can play with the optional arguments to suit you requirements.

Output = readtable( ‘FastOutputResults.out’, ‘FileType’,“text”, ‘HeaderLines’,8, “ReadVariableNames”, 0 );
Output = table2array( Output );