ITIBarge_Win32 DLL File

I am new to FAST and am trying to use the ver_8 since I need to use the MAP simulator. I am running a windows 8, 64 bit machine and when running the test files using the MAP i/p file (e.g. Test24.fst) I am getting the error: DISCON_ITIBarge_win32.dll could not be loaded. Check that the file exists in the specified location and that it is compiled for 32 bit systems.

Has anyone met this error please?

Hi, Peter.

Given your other two posts over the weekend, I assume you managed to figure out the problem. However, the error means that FAST couldn’t find the DISCON_ITI_Barge_win32.dll file. So it (1) doesn’t exist, (2) is spelled incorrectly, (3) has an incorrect path specifying where it’s located, (4) is compiled for the wrong architecture, or (5) is corrupted.

All the files in for CertTest 24 should be set up properly, and as far as I know, all the files are there. If you moved files around, you may have to modify the text in input files where other input files (and the Bladed DLL) are specified. All input files (and Bladed DLL) locations should be specified relative to the file they are listed in (e.g., the Bladed DLL is specified inside the ServoDyn input file, so the location of the Bladed DLL is specified relative to the location of the ServoDyn input file).

If you haven’t moved files around, it should work as is.

Dear Bonnie,

For now I have moved to ver_7. Once I have sorted it out in this ver I will revert to the ver_8 set of files.