Run into errors when I am using FAST 8.12

Hi Dr. Jonkman,

I was running the 5MW sample case coupled with BeamDyn and an error occurred (attached image).
I only modified VScontrl form 5 to 1 (Bladed style dll to simple, I also tried 0, still not work) in servoDyn.dat .
Can you tell me what caused this error?

Thank you

The error message indicates there is a problem with the format of your ServoDyn input file. It’s complaining about the line that should have the CompNTMD flag, so you may want to start there. Make sure the input file you are using has the correct number of lines (you can compare with the ServoDyn input files in the FAST8/CertTest/5MW_Baseline folder).

Hello Bonnie,

Thank you for your help. It starts to run the case.