Issues with Turbsim and WF_UPW turbulence model


I’m basicly trying to generate a wind field by using the WF_UPW turbulence model with Turbsim.

However I get into trouble when trying to run the analysis in the structural software.

Even though I specify UseableTime for 1800 seconds the analysis will fail after between 45-150 seconds (depending on what I set the useabletime to).
The error message tells me the following, which incidates the wind file is the problem.

Error: FF wind array was exhausted at 45.35 seconds (trying to access data at 51.838 seconds).
Error getting velocity in AeroDyn/AD_WindVelocityWithDisturbance().

This does not happen if I chose to run turbsim with the exact same parameters, apart from changing the turbulence model from WF_UPW to IECKAI.

Has anyone experienced this with the WF_UPW model before?

Hi, Kristian.

I’m not sure what this means:

The error message looks like you’ve set TurbSim’s UsableTime input to be something less than 45 seconds. Is the TMax input in FAST the same value as what you specified for TurbSim’s UsableTime? If UsableTime is less than TMax, you will get an error like the one you reported in FAST.

There shouldn’t be any difference in the format of the output .wnd or .bts file with different turbulence models. Have you checked to see if the size of the output full-field files changes when you use different turbulence models?