"GF Wind Array Was Exhausted" - Error Message

I am trying to run FAST to model the OC3 Hywind offshore turbine but cannot run any tests over 60 seconds. I am attempting to run a test with TMax = 600 but the simulation fails after ~62.5 seconds. I have read other forum posts regarding FF wind array exhaustion but none of the solutions to other users problems seem to work for my situation. For reference, I am using TurbSim as the input wind file with Analysis/UsableTime of 630 s and TMax in the primary input file is 600 s. Attached are screenshots of my input files and error. I believe GF refers to grid-field data because is has a calculated time of 67.95 s and the error arises when trying to access data at 68.008 s; I could be mistaken I am a new user but this is the only logical reasoning I can see.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Powershell Error:

TurbSim Input File:

OC3 Input File:

Dear @Patrick.Alonso,

The input settings you’ve shared look OK to me.

Have you selected the TurbSim output file you generated yourself via InflowWind module input FileName_BTS?

Best regards,


Thank you for your timely response. I was using the TurbSim.bts file, however, I did not realize that since I moved the file from the TurbSim folder the file would not auto-update in the 5MW Baseline - Wind folder where I was calling it from. I originally moved the bts file there to use the same directory as the given 90m_12_mps file and was able to run the test when I copied the new bts file to the Wind directory.