Installing FAST

I read most of the topics created here. But I couldn’t find my answer. The questions were more complicated and I have problem in my first step.
I have downloaded FAST8 from this link:
Then I have read the tutorial from here: … indows.pdf
But still I have problem with installation! and it says “input file was not found” Aborting.
This is the first time I want to use this software but I have been stuck in this problem for some days. I would be happy if you help me.

Best wishes

Dear Vahid,

There are basic instructions for running FAST in the “Running FAST” section of the FAST v8 ReadMe file:

Best regards,

Thanks for your reply. I did all the things written there but still I get this error!

Fast encountered an error during module initialization.
Simulation error level: FATAL ERROR
Aborting FAST

If it says it can’t find the input file, check that you have specified the input file name correctly (including the path name if necessary).