problem with FAST on MATLAb/Simulink

Hi everyone,
I’m getting started with the FAST v8 tools and i have some issues when running the Simulink model “OpenLoop.mdl " and the M.file " Run_OpenLoop.m”
( please review the attachment for the error message .

Just check the file it’s trying to find. It’s probably going to be “Test01.fst” instead of “Test1.fst”. Edit the .m file…

I tried to do it , but it gives no result :unamused: :unamused:

Dear Abdeljalil,

As Gergely said, it appears that the Run_OpenLoop.m file is not locating the proper input file. You must ensure that the FAST primary input file (e.g., the file named Test01.fst) is in the proper directory.

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Dear Mr Jonkman

In my case the File " Test01.fst " is located in the directory " C:\FAST\CertTest " , should i change it ?

thank you for your concern and your patience

Dear Abdeldjalil,

It’s up to you how you want to set up your directory structure, but you must ensure that the scripts you’re running use the same structure.

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If you use Run_OpenLoop.m, run it from the directory where it is located in the FAST archive. It looks like you are in the CertTest directory instead of the Simulink/Samples directory. If you do decide to move that file, you’ll have to change the location where it’s looking for the FAST input file(s). The Run_OpenLoop.m file in the fAST archive also prints the leading zero in the file name, so it looks like you have already modified the contents of that file, too.

Thank you all

I appreciate the help you’ve given , i finally got it , it was a problem of directory in " Run_OpenLoop.m " file … i was totaly lost :blush: :blush: hh…

hope all the best