InflowWind-Input File (Choice of Output Variables)

Hi everybody,

I tried to find out which output variables (parameters) I can choose in the inflowWind-inputfile (cmp. example txt-file line 26ff).

Unfortunately, the therein-mentioned excel-file “OutListParameters.xlsx” does not contain any variables for inflow wind (the same applies for the ServoDyn-file).

Can anyone give me a hint where to find these information and/or a documentation, respectively?

Kind Regards


The OutListParameters.xlsx file in the FAST archive contains a worksheet called “ServoDyn”, which contains the output channels available in that module. The InflowWind module will be released in about a month, and it will contain some documentation for its own output channels (you will be able to specify XYZ locations [WindVxiList, WindVyiList, WindVziList] for nodes that can be output, similar to the wave elevation outputs in HydroDyn).