Idling reference data for IEA 15MW in yaw misalignment

I was wondering if ‘objective’ reference data are available in the public domain, e.g. papers or reports, for the loads induced by the IEA 15MW RWTG for idling condition in uniform inflow at different yaw misalignment angles. On the IEA 15MW RWTG website the performance tables only include data for wind speeds below cut out for the aligned case.

Best, Duncan

Hello Duncan,

Thanks for your interest in the data for the IEA Wind 15-MW reference turbine. We did not publish and do not readily have the loads information you are looking for. Also, given the updates and corrections to the model definition files since the initial release, we do not advise using the loads data in the original published report. Instead, we recommend that users run the current OpenFAST or HAWC2 model input files for the DLCs they are interested in.


Hello Garrett,

I made some test computations for the IEA Wind 15-MW reference turbine in idling mode in 52 m/s turbulent wind, but for 20 degrees yaw misalignment I get a tower-strike error. With quite limited experience with OpenFAST it is hard to assess if this is due to the properties of the turbine or just user error on my side.
It would be really valuable to know what can be expected. Can you indicate for what ranges of yaw misalignment the turbine should be able to survive in V50 and V1 turbulent wind?

Thank you in advance and best,

Dear @Duncan.vanderHeul,

Perhaps Garrett will respond as well, but what you describe sounds similar to the (physical) instability discussed in the following forum topic and associated references: Designing for yaw errors using FAST.

Best regards,