Fatigue Load Analysis for IEA 15MW Reference Wind Turbine

Dear All,

As part of my master’s thesis about fatigue load analysis for offshore wind turbines, I am using OpenFAST to run simulations of the IEA 15MW monopile offshore turbine for the purpose of Damage-Equivalent Load (DEL) calculations. I am seeking to validate my load calculation results, so I was wondering if there are any fatigue load data from the IEA 15 MW turbine available out there, whether in official documentation or private load analyses. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


We do not retain an “official” archive of load simulations or analyses for the IEA Wind 15-MW reference turbine. Apologies that I don’t have much to offer you in this regard.


Dear @Garrett.Barter,

Thank you for your prompt response. That is unfortunate news. I am compiling a large database of fatigue loads for the IEA RWT, thus reliability is imperative. Would you have any suggestions for me as to how to validate my simulation model?

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The OpenFAST model available through the IEA Wind repository is a validated model. There are many posts on this forum about how to do fatigue analysis appropriately with some of the accompanying matlab or python toolboxes. The WEIS tool also has a fully scripted fatigue analysis around OpenFAST.