How to generate steady wind with TurbSim

I’m new in NWTC. I’m trying to get steady solution with FAST for NREL5MW Wind Turbine, but it seems that I should first generate a steady wind with TurbSim and I don’t know how to do this. I tried different options as an input for .INP file, but I couldn’t create this wind. Can any one help me?


Dear Hossein,

TurbSim is a Turbulence Simulator and is not used to generate steady winds. You can easily create your own wind file with steady winds. See the AeroDyn user’s guide for details of the hub-height wind files. I also suspect some are included in the FAST archive.


Dear Marshall,
Thank you for answering my question, it was so helpful. I made a steady wind and I could get a steady solution with FAST as well.

Best Regards,