Turbsim in Fast v7 for 5 MW wind turbine.

Dear Dr. Jason,

I am currently trying to use tubsim.bts wind generated file in Aerodyn module of 5 MW wind turbine but not able to rectify this issue, please guide with the issue.

Kind regards

Running NWTC Subroutine Library (v1.07.02a-mlb, 21-May-2013).
Running FAST (v7.02.00d-bjj, 20-Feb-2013)-Compiled as S-Function for Simulink.
Heading of the FAST input file: FAST Certification Test #18: NREL 5.0 MW Baseline Wind Turbine
Running NWTC Subroutine Library (v1.07.02a-mlb, 21-May-2013).
Running AeroDyn (v13.00.02a-bjj, 20-Feb-2013).
Heading of the AeroDyn input file: NREL 5.0 MW offshore baseline aerodynamic input properties;
Compatible with AeroDyn v12.58.
Running NWTC Subroutine Library (v1.07.02a-mlb, 21-May-2013).
Using InflowWind (v1.02.00c-bjj, 23-Apr-2013)
Assuming .\Wind/WP_Baseline/Turbsimt.bts is a binary FF wind file.
Running NWTC Subroutine Library (v1.07.02a-mlb, 21-May-2013).
Reading a 13x13 grid (80 m wide, 44.3 m to 124.3 m above ground) with a characterstic wind speed
of 13 m/s. This full-field file was generated by TurbSim (v1.06.00, 21-Sep-2012) on 10-May-2020
at 23:19:18.
Processed 924 time steps of 20-Hz full-field data (46.15 seconds).
WARNING: Yaw angle and rate are not commanded from Simulink model.
FAST_SFunc initialized with 55 inputs and 158 outputs.
Matching “From” for “Goto” ‘OpenLoop_5MW/ Torque Control/Goto6’ not found [6 similar]
Component:Simulink | Category:Block warning
‘Input Port 1’ of ‘OpenLoop_5MW/Cp Curve and tip speed ratio’ is not connected. [2 similar]
Component:Simulink | Category:Block warning
‘Output Port 1’ of ‘OpenLoop_5MW/correction factor1’ is not connected. [2 similar]
Component:Simulink | Category:Block warning
Unconnected output line found on ‘OpenLoop_5MW/correction factor1/From2’ (output port: 1) [2 similar]
Component:Simulink | Category:Block warning
The control input of ‘OpenLoop_5MW/ Torque Control/Switch1’ is a boolean signal. Input 3 is passed to the output if control input is false (0), otherwise input 1 is passed to the output. The current threshold values are being ignored. To eliminate this warning, set the criteria and threshold to any of the following three combinations: u2 ~= 0, u2 > Threshold with Threshold equal to 0, or u2 >= Threshold with Threshold equal to 1. [4 similar]
Component:Simulink | Category:Block warning
Block diagram ‘OpenLoop_5MW’ contains 1 algebraic loop(s). To see more details about the loops use the command Simulink.BlockDiagram.getAlgebraicLoops(‘OpenLoop_5MW’) or the command line Simulink debugger by typing sldebug(‘OpenLoop_5MW’) in the MATLAB command window. To eliminate this message, set Algebraic loop to “none”.
Component:Simulink | Category:Block diagram warning
Found algebraic loop containing:
OpenLoop_5MW/FAST Nonlinear Wind Turbine/S-Function
OpenLoop_5MW/FAST Nonlinear Wind Turbine/S-Function
OpenLoop_5MW/Windturbine output manager/Fcn4
OpenLoop_5MW/GreaterThan1 (discontinuity)
OpenLoop_5MW/Wind deoendent pitch control action (algebraic variable) (discontinuity)
OpenLoop_5MW/GreaterThan3 (discontinuity)
OpenLoop_5MW/GreaterThan4 (discontinuity)
OpenLoop_5MW/AND (discontinuity)
OpenLoop_5MW/OR1 (discontinuity)
OpenLoop_5MW/Switch3 (algebraic variable) (discontinuity)
Component:Simulink | Category:Model
Discontinuities detected within algebraic loop(s), may have trouble solving
Component:Simulink | Category:Model warning
Error: FF wind array boundaries violated. Grid too small in Z direction (Z=125.2 m is above the
Error getting velocity in AeroDyn/AD_WindVelocityWithDisturbance().
Aborting FAST.
FAST_SFunc completed.
Total Real Time: 7.162 seconds
Total CPU Time: 8.7188 seconds
Simulated Time: 0 seconds
Time Ratio (Sim/CPU): 0
An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated
Caused by:
Error in ‘OpenLoop_5MW/FAST Nonlinear Wind Turbine/S-Function’ while executing FORTRAN MEX S-function ‘FAST_SFunc’, flag = 3 (output), at time 0.0.
Closing program.
Component:Simulink | Category:Block error

Dear Shiv,

The wind field generated by TurbSim must encompass the entire rotor for the entire simulation, including any structural displacement that might occur, or else you will get errors about “Grid to small in …”. For a land-based wind turbine, I would typically set the grid size to be about 10% more than the rotor diameter in the horizontal and vertical directions. Please see the May 17, 2010 post in the forum topic linked here for an example TurbSim input file we’ve used for the NREL 5-MW baseline turbine: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/updated-nwtc-design-codes-available-on-our-web-site/237/1.

Best regards,

Dear Dr. Jonkman,

Thanks for you time and guidance.

Kind regards
Shiv Malhotra