Constant wind speed?


One elemetary question:
Does any one know how can I run FAST with constant (not turbulent) wind speed? For example 18m/s.
Do I must create a *.wnd file through TurbSim for constant wind speed like turbulent one? If yes how?


Dear Mehdi,

Please see the forum topic found here for an answer to a nearly identical question:

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Thanks Jason,

I used following hub height *.wnd file for running OC3Hywind by FAST:
! Steady wind file
! Time Wind Wind Vert. Horiz. Vert. LinV Gust
! Speed Dir Speed Shear Shear Shear Speed
0.0 30 0 -1 0.1 0.14 0 0

But FAST failed as below:
It seem the problem is due to DISCON.dll file.

What do you think about that problem? Your help is so appreciable.


The problem is not the controller. As discussed here: