Help using FASTlink with FAST v8

Dear all,

I want to do coupled simulations OrcaFlex (v 9.7 d) + FAST ( v8.12.) using the FASTlink package.
However it seems that the FASTlink package currently available only works with FAST v7 and not with FAST v8, as the errors I obtain show the .fst file is read as a FAST v7 .fst file.

If I am right and the actual FASTlink package available can’t be used with FAST v8, does anyone know if there is a FASTlink version working with the latest FAST release ? Or will I have to get back to FAST v7 in order to carry out coupled simulation ?

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Dear Raphael,

As you likely know, our recent release of FAST v8.12 includes an OrcaFlex-FAST v8 interface. As part of the development of the OrcaFlex-FAST v8 interface, we put together a series of sample models (including a model of the OC4-DeepCwind semisubmersible) and updated documentation into a new archive (to replace this one: We’ve reached out to Orcina about this to review and approve, but Orcina has not yet released the update publicly. Until then, I can send you an “unofficial” release if you reach out to me via e-mail (I won’t post the “unofficial” version here).

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Dear Jason

I am excited to know that a series of sample models (including the OC4-DeepCwind semisubmersible) and updated documentation are put into a new replace this one:

But I fail to find how to download the new that includes OC4-DeepCwind semisubmersible.

I wonder is there any download link available?

Thanks a lot!

Dear Minxi,

I just replied to your post via e-mail.

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