FastLink Orcaflex

Hi All,

I am using Fastlink to analyse a FWT

Fast “.out” file does not seem to want to output certain data, such as WindV, and Orcaflex data Wave1V and Fair1Ten etc.

Is there anyway to output this data in the fast .out model (rather than having to take it from the OF .sim file.

Thanks in advance

Dear Chris,

Which version of the OrcaFlex-FAST interface are you using–the coupling to FAST v7 or FAST v8?

Regardless, when coupled OrcaFlex-FAST simulations are run, the physics modeled in FAST are output from FAST (in the .out file) and the physics modeled in OrcaFlex are output from OrcaFlex (in the .sim file). Currently, there is no way of outputting both sets of data in the same file. I’m not sure what you mean by “WindV”, but wind data would be output from FAST.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Thanks for you’re swift reply,

I am running FastLink Fast v7 (I will pm you to ask for v8)

Okay, I can write a batch browser to output the OrcaFlex dependant results
The reason I asked was because in the example FastLink .fst file those Fairlead forces & Wave velocities etc. were specified as outputs.

WindV were the three wind velocity components WindVxi WindVyi and WindVzi. I’m still not getting these out but will try again with v8.