Help running FAST v8 on Simulink-Matlab


I try ALMOST v8 to bring to run under Matlab-Simulink. I always receive these mistakes:

Error using Run_OpenLoop (line 30)
Error reported by S-function ‘FAST_SFunc’ in ‘OpenLoop/FAST Nonlinear Wind Turbine/S-Function’:
FAST_InitializeAll:SrvD_Init:Yaw angle and rate are not commanded from Simulink model.
Pitch angles are not commanded from Simulink model.
Generator torque and power are not commanded from Simulink model.
HSS brake is not commanded from Simulink model.
SrvD_Init:BladedInterface_Init:The dynamic library …\CertTest\5MW_Baseline/ServoData/DISCON_win32.dll could not be
loaded. Check that the file exists in the specified location and that it is compiled for 64-bit applications.

Does somebody have an idea how the problem can solve? how I can test FAST v8 on Simulin?

I have pursued the Instruktions from ALMOST v8 interface to Simulink and without success.

Thanks in advance

Dear David,

The error that is causing the simulation to stop is the last one mentioned – you are trying to load a 32-bit DLL within a 64-bit application. The application and the DLL must use the same addressing scheme. Instead of using DISCON_win32.dll, you should be using the 64-bit compiled version, DISCON_x64.dll, also provided in the FAST v8 archive. However, normally when running FAST within Simulink, users would implement control logic within Simulink rather than from a Bladed-style DISCON DLL.

Best regards,