Dear all,

I am new to the “FAST” World. I am trying to use a DLL created for GH Bladed with FAST ver. 8.
I do not have understood how the interface works.

The DLL is working correctly with GH Bladed 3.85. How can I combine this working DLL with FAST? Should I modify something in the DLL source code?
When I try to use this DLL (by including the full path of the DLL in the file defined for the ServoFile, the full path of the Parameter file and using “DISCON” as DLL_ProcName) I get an error on the start of the simulation.

How should I proceed?

Thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

Dear Federico,

What error you are getting when you try to run FAST v8 with your DLL?

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

I have found out the wrong DLL was binded with the simulation. Now everything works as expected.

Thanks a lot for your support