FAST compiled with G95- reading full-field wind


I’m aware that NREL does not support source for compiling in G95, but does anybody have experience with errors in reading full-field wind files with FAST compiled with G95?


Hi, Scott.

What kind of errors are you getting? Since the FF files are binary, one of the first things I’d check is that it’s reading the bytes in the correct order.


Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for the reply, but for some reason I did not get notified of it. I solved the problem by adding an OPEN command using ACCESS=‘STREAM’ - more information at:

Scott, Bonnie, et al:

From your posts of Dec. '09 I’m see that FAST and AERODYN can be compiled w/ G95. Correct? Any help anyone can offer on getting these NREL codes to compile with the G95 Fortran compiler would be greatly appreciated.

Toby Wehrhan

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The latest, and very recent, versions of FAST and AeroDyn use the NWTC Subroutine Library. The library takes advantage of some Fortran 2003 features. Specifically, your compiler must be able to dynamically allocate parts of derived types (structures). If the G95 compiler does not support that extension, you will not be able to compile FAST and AeroDyn.

I know of no one who has compiled the latest version with any other compiler than the Intel compiler. Maybe Bonnie or Jason know of someone.


We have had people successfully compile FAST v7.00.00a-bjj with Intel Fortran for Linux, and I’ve compiled A2AD 13.00.00a-bjj with the old Compaq Visual Fortran compiler so I assume FAST will compile with CVF, too (it uses the same Fortran 2003 features as FAST). However, I have not heard from anyone compiling FAST v7.00.00a-bjj with G95, so I don’t know if there have been issues. Maybe Scott (or another user) can answer that.

Assuming G95 supports the Fortran 2003 features we use, you will have to modify one of the Sys*.f90 files in the NWTC Subroutine Library to work with G95 and then compile the code. Theoretically, that one file will be the only one you have to change. If you do get it working, you can send the SysG95.f90 file to me or Marshall Buhl, and we can put it in the NWTC Library archive so other people can use it as well.

Marshall & Bonnie:

Thanks for your prompt responses to my questions.

As it turns out, I have to move very quickly on compiling FAST, and so have elected to buy the IVF (w/o IMSL library) compiler, as this seems the quickest route to being able to modify FAST modules, compile, link, and build. (The extended FAST simulation, I’ve “inherited” from another engineer apparently built fine with the CVF compiler, so I’m hoping I’ll have no big issues using IVF.)

Just because I’m an open source fan, I may revisit being able to build FAST with open-source/free tools later. (We’ve all got different ideas on what constitutes fun.) I see from previous posts that Scott Larwood and Stefano Cottafavi have ventured down this path.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.



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