Compiling FAST

I come from a Civil engineering background and I’m not great at computer programming.
I want to compile FAST 7 so that I can change one of the dummy subroutines (which I think I will be able to manage once I have FAST compiled)
As of yet I have no compiler, I’m currently working on a 64-bit operating system.
I was wondering if someone would be able to recommend a compiler that has no compatibility issues
and all the correct build in routines,
and also give a list (of dummy proof) steps in order to compile FAST 7.

Michael Harte

Hi Michael,

We use Intel Visual Fortran with Microsoft Visual Studio to develop our code (all sorts of different versions). I’ve posted some instructions for compiling FAST here:

Good luck.

This thank you is a bit belated
But thanks very much for the link to (and for writing) the instructions for compiling FAST document
I found it very useful


You are welcome. I’m glad it was useful.