FASTR (FAST Renderer)

Hi there,

I came across this video

And was wondering if anyone could send me the FASTR files to make such an animation.

I’ve failed to contact Thomas Sebastian who wrote the code and the link to his website is dead.

With kind regards,

Chris Wright

Dear Chris,

Tommy showed me these results and the tool looked quite useful for visualizing gross behavior of floating wind systems, though it lacked details such as animating tower deflection, blade deflections, or wave elevations.

I doubt Tommy is interested in supporting this tool publicly, but you could contact him and ask. I have his personal contact information and can send that to you privately if your interested.

By the way, we have plans to initiate development of a visualization/animation tool for FAST v8 next summer. The tool will be based on the mesh data structures used in FAST v8 for interfacing data between modules. More details will follow.

Best regards,