QBlade: an open source GUI to FAST

Hi All,

I just want to inform you that our group of the Berlin Institute of Technology just released a new version (v0.8) of the open source wind turbine simulator QBlade that is fully integrated with FAST.
The QBlade software can be used as a single tool to create and simulate airfoils, design wind turbine rotors and setup, run and post process simplified FAST simulations.
The main motivation behind this was to create a single tool, to be used for education or research that gives you quick answers and results using relatively simple, but accurate models.

Some of the newly implemented features are:

  • simplified structural blade modelling (Euler-Benoulli-Beam with isotropic materials), computation of Eigenfrequencies and mode shapes
  • generation of correlated turbulent inflow fields employing the Sandia Method from Veers
  • automatic generation of FAST input files, execution of FAST simulations and post processing of FAST results in dynamic graphs

Everything is implemented in a user friendly GUI. A short user manual and some sample project files are also supplied with the download. As i mentioned before, the project is 100% open source (source code is availiable on sourceforge) and partly funded by the German Science Foundation.

If you are interested feel free to have a look at QBlade and give it a try: http://sourceforge.net/projects/qblade/ (both Windows and Linux versions availabel)
We are always interested in user feedback and very open to any sort of collaborations if you have ideas for improvement and/or additions to the code.

Thanks for reading!