FAST v8 linearization

Dear Jason

I want to obtain a linear state-space model for WindPact 1.5MW baseline turbine. I followed the instructions which were mentioned in the user manual and this forum. When I run 'Run_Test01_SIG.m(I changed the input file name into ‘Test12.fst’) in the MATLAB (2015b 64bit) it generates no “.lin” file although it runs with no errors. The only output files generated by this simulation are: “Test12.SFunc.sum” , “Test12.SFunc.out”, “Test12.SFunc.AD.sum” and “Test12.SFunc.ED.sum”. Why the “.lin” file is not generated?
I’ve attached the input files I used(it contains “.fst” file, “ServoDyn” and “ElastoDyn”)

Furthermore, How can I select the “control input” and the “control output” in the state-space form (i.e “u” vector and “y” vector)?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post. I await your reply.

Hooman Asgari
myInputFiles.rar (8.88 KB)

Dear Hooman,

I took a quick look at your FAST primary (.fst) input file and see that you’ve set the times at which to linearize (LinTimes) higher than the total simulation length (TMax). Thus, FAST never reaches the times you want to linearize, and thus, no linearization (.lin) output files are created.

Which variables are included in the input and output vectors of the linearized models calculated by FAST are determined by input parameters LinInputs and LinOutputs in the FAST primary input file. See the FAST v8 ReadMe file for more information:

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Dear Jason
Thank you very much for your answer. I was inattentive about that parameter. I wish you all the best.
Sincerely yours