Automating FAST with MATLAB for many input wind files


I am seeking to automate FAST using MATLAB for 8760 different wind files. I need to both generate these files and run FAST for each iteration, with some means of reading the output.
I have found the MATLAB files in the FAST Simulation Toolbox directory but I am having trouble working out how to modify them for my desired uses.
Any tips or pointers would be appreciated.


Hopefully you’ve figured this out by now, but if not…

I’m not sure if it will work for you, it depends what kind of wind files you are trying to generate and what you need to look at in the results. Of course there is MCrunch, which handles multiple .out files, though whether it will do 8000 I don’t know.

I have set up a script which asks for various run parameters (which scenarios - which correspond to wind files) and sets the .fst file accordingly by setting input_file (i’ve commented out the line in simsetup which asks for this) then runs Simsetup and each simulation and saves into a numbered and time stamped directory:

the entire workspace as a .mat file - save(‘filename.mat’)
a subset which are the outputs I need to look at - save(‘filename.mat’, ‘variable_name_1’,‘variable_name_2’)
a plot of the subsets I need plotted (used savemultfigs, which I downloaded separately)
the simulink model - save_system
all FAST and associated setup files - copyfile (‘filename_with_full_path’,directory)

As I’m only running around 10 different cases, I’ve set up separate .fst files so I don’t know how to get matlab to generate the wind files, but I imagine there would be some kind of string replacement / substitution features similar to what I have done with a batch file, which is essentially a batch string replace using a dummy string. if you generate the wind files by overwriting the previous one (I believe you can save output to a new file, delete the previous one and rename the created file all from within matlab), you could still use a single fst file without needing to change the .ipt file name in there.