FAST v8.12 and S-Function with "RotCp" in OutList


I am using FAST v8.12 and the given S-Function. However, I added
several additional output parameters in the OutList. I am
now receiving the error “XX is not an available output channel” for
all parameters (like “RotCp”, “RotCq”, “RotCq”, “NacYawErr”,
“WindVxi”, “TipSpdRat”), which are labeled as “unavailable if
CompAero is False”. However, CompAero is not False but 1 or to 2.

Does someone know what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks for the help and
Best regards

Hi, Adrian.

“RotCp”, “RotCq”, “RotCq”, “NacYawErr”, and “TipSpdRat” were outputs of FAST v7, but they are not available in FAST v8.

“WindVxi” has been replaced with “Wind1VelX” in the InflowWind input file; this assumes that you have requested at least one wind output location (NWindVel>=1) and it is located at the hub (WindVxiList(1)=0, WindVyiList(1)=0, and WindVziList(1)=).

When I converted some FAST v7 Simulink models to use FAST v8, I used these equations to get some equivalent FAST v7 variables:

HorWindV = sqrt( Wind1VelX^2 + Wind1VelY^2 ) HorWindDir = 180°/pi * atan2(Wind1VelY,Wind1VelX) VerWindDir = 180°/pi * atan2(Wind1VelZ,HorWindV) NacYawErr = HorWindDir-YawPzn-YawBrRDzt- PtfmRDzi

Dear Adrian,

To add to what Bonnie said, with the release of AeroDyn v15 within FAST v8.12, many of these outputs are now available in a bit different form e.g. AeroDyn v15 outputs RtAeroCp, RtAeroCq, RtAeroCt, RtSkew, and RtTSR. See Appendix E of the draft AeroDyn v15 User’s Guide and Theory Manual for more information:

Best regards,

Hi Bonnie
Hi Jason

thank you very much for the quick reply.

I changed now all old names by the new ones in the OutList, including
“Wind1VelX”, “RtAeroCp”, “RtAeroCq”, “RtAeroCt” and “RtTSR”
with NWindVel =1, WindVxiList(1)=0, WindVyiList(1)=0, and WindVziList(1)=90
and CompAero=2.

However, I am still receiving the same answer, i.e.
“XX is not an available output channel”, for all mentioned outputs.

Do you have any suggestion?
Best regards

Are you specifying them in the appropriate input files? Wind1VelX must be specified in InflowWind; “RtAero*” must be specified in the AeroDyn v15 input file.

The error message should tell you what module is complaining about invalid channel names. Then you can go into that module’s input file and remove the offending channels.