Changing Turbulence Intensity with EWM wind: TurbSim


I want to generate a EWM wind based on DIBt 2012 standard. This requires different turbulence intensity and wind shear parameters to those defined in IEC61400-1 ed. 3. The wind shear is 0.121 and turbulence intensity is 12 % (for my case). When I explicitly specify these parameters and run TurbSim, I get the message:

“When turbulence intensity is entered as a percent, the IEC wind type must be NTM” .

I am attaching a snapshot of the formulation (from DIBt 2012) for your information.

Could you please help me specify these wind conditions using TurbSim? Is it even possible to define such conditions?

Thanks in advance,

Dear Neelabh,

You can set your own turbulence intensity and power-law shear exponent in TurbSim. For your example, set:

HubHt = 10 m
IECturbc = 12%
IEC_WindType = NTM (instead of an EWM case)
WindProfileType = PL
PLExp = 0.121

I’m not familiar with the DlBt 2012 standard, but TurbSim will assume a constant turbulence spectra with height – and not use the turbulence intensity that varies with height based on a power-law function.

Best regards,