FAST.Farm: Using the Mann Model with Mod_AmbWind=3

Hi All,

I want to run wind farm simulations with FAST.Farm. My question is the following: is it possible to use the Mann wind fields in Bladed format (WindType=7 in InflowWind) with Mod_AmbWind=3? If so, is there any documentation of the procedure and are there any examples of the implementation?


Dear @Hadi.Hammoud,

While I have not tried this myself, I’m not aware of any issues or limitations within FAST.Farm for applying Mod_AmbWind = 3 in with WindType = 7 in InflowWind. I would think the procedure would be the same as it would with WindType = 3.

That said, I’m not aware of a pre-processing scripts (such as the Python scripts available for WindType = 3 using TurbSim available in the OpenFAST toolbox: openfast_toolbox/openfast_toolbox/fastfarm at main · OpenFAST/openfast_toolbox · GitHub) available to generate wind data files in Bladed full-field wind data format (WindType = 4 or 7) that follows the inflow wind modeling guidance documented in FAST.Farm.

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