FAST/Bladed DLL interface executable


Would you please let me know if you have a FAST executable available with the Bladed DLL interface.


Hi Scott,

You can find a version of FAST v7.00.01a-bjj with AeroDyn v13.00.00a-bjj compiled with the GH Bladed-style DLL interface here: … erface.exe. Or if you’re adventurous, you can recompile FAST yourself using the guidance found in the FAST User’s Guide.

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I have a previous version compiled; thanks for showing me one ready for FAST v7.


I also see this link in the FAST User’s guide addendum; thanks for thinking ahead!


i am trying to recompile FAST with the GH Bladed-style DLLs interface. i could not find: “UserSubs_forBladedDLL.f90” and “UserVSCont_KP_forBladedDLL.f90”. would you please tell me how to get these files.


There is some text in the Compile_FAST.bat file that tells you how to create them:

REM NOTE: UserSubs_forBladedDLL.f90 is a copy of UserSubs.f90 with SUBROUTINES UserHSSBr() and UserYawCont() commented out REM UserVSCont_KP_forBladedDLL.f90 is a copy of UserVSCont_KP.f90 with SUBROUTINE UserVSCont() commented out

Dear Jason,

I need to recompile the verson of FAST v7.01.00a. I can download the file NWTC Subroutine Library v1.04.01, but I can’t find these old version files: FAST v7.01.00a-bjj and AeroDyn v13.00.01a-bjj. Could you kindly send a copy of them to my email ? my email address:

Thanks a lot.

Dear Yuqi Hu,

I just responded by e-mail.

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