Error message on BModes


The error message I am getting is:

Invalid numerical input for file “source\SampleBeam.bmi”.
The error occurred while trying to read iyz_tip.
Aborting BModes.

I have all of the “blade-tip properties” set to zero, as they are in the sample input file on the BModes user guide:
--------- Blade-tip or tower-top mass properties -------------------------------------
0. tip_mass blade-tip or tower-top mass (kg)
0. cm_loc tip-mass c.m. offset from the blade axis measured along the tip section y-axis (m)
0. ixx_tip blade lag mass moment of inertia about the tip-section x reference axis (kg-m^2)
0. iyy_tip blade flap mass moment of inertia about the tip-section y reference axis (kg-m^2)
0. izz_tip torsion mass moment of inertia about the tip-section z reference axis (kg-m^2)
0. ixy_tip cross product of inertia about x and y reference axes (kg-m^2)
0. izx_tip cross product of inertia about z and x reference axes (kg-m^2)
0. iyz_tip cross product of inertia about y and z reference axes (kg-m^2)

So why does it get confused on the last line of this section?

Harry Wornick

LANL Wind Turbine Clinic Team - Harvey Mudd College

Dear Harry Wornick,

So I can expeditiously trace the problem, let me know the following:

  1. Could you successfully run BModes using a sample file on our website?
  2. I am assuming that you used asample files as template to prepare your new input file. If so, did you specify a correct path name (in the main input file) for the ancillary blade section properties file?

If the answer to the above two questions is ‘yes,’ could you send me your main and ancillary input files? If you feel that some data is sensitive, just change the values before sending the files to me.