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I have successfully compiled a Simulink file into a .dll file using the compiling process available through TU Delft, which compiles for a GHBladed interface. I was able to compile it using Windows7 OS, and I am running the 32 bit version of FASTv8. When I run the turbine/controller set-up from the command line, the simulation runs to completion, however when I analyze the FAST.out file, it seems the controller is not working (i.e. data channels are junk), but the same controller simulated using the Simulink interface controls the turbine just fine. The Simulink file contains a torque look-up table with PI gain scheduled pitch control (NREL5MW baseline controller with specific turbine parameter values). Do I have to insert torque look-up table values in the ServoDyn file? Do I need a DISCON.in file to be used in conjunction with the .dll controller? If the compiling process I am using is obsolete, is there another way to compile a Simulink file into a .dll file to be used with FASTv8?

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I’ve heard of this compiling process from TU Delft, but I have no experience with it. Hopefully someone else on this forum can comment. I’ll answer your questions generically: A torque-speed look-up table must only be specified in the ServoDyn input file and a DISCON.in file is only needed if the DISCON.dll you are using requires these.

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Are there compiling scripts available through NWTC that can compile a Simulink controller file into the necessary .dll files for running FASTv8 through the command prompt?

Dana Martin