Create a program that runs multiple simulations

I am writing my Master Thesis with the subject of developing a design concept for a floating wind turbine with a rotatable tower without a yaw bearing. I need to run Turbsim a lot of times to generate turbulent wind fields at wind speeds between cut-in and cut-out wind speeds and then subsequently run FAST with these turbulent wind fields. In order to minimize the time spent on manually changing the random seed number and wind speed for each turbulent wind field, I am thinking that writing a script or a small program that runs Turbsim for a list of random seed numbers and wind speeds would be a good idea. Have anybody done this in MS DOS or MATLAB and have some recommendations for literature that I can look into?

Best regards

Jacob K. Pedersen
University of Southern Denmark

Dear Jacob,

A similar question has been asked before–see e.g. the forum topic found here: Unfortunately, we have not yet been budgeted the time to upgrade our internal RunIEC script enough to support its public distribution.

There is a simple MS DOS script provided with FAST v8 named “CertTest.bat” that we use to run the 26 certification tests. You could probably start with this and modify it to suite your needs.

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