Compiling Turbsim

I was wondering if anyone has compiled TurbSim to run under linux using pgf90 or gfortran?

I’m unaware of anyone doing it, but the latest draft of the manual mentions a few steps you will need to take to port it:

Bonnie is on vacation right now, so you’ll have to wait until she returns for a more authoritative answer.

Thanks for the fast reply, I will look into making changes to the code if necessary. As it stands I believe I have tracked the problem to two specific files that the NWTC_Library needs to compile the code. These specific files are: syssubs.mod and DFPORT. I believe both of these are Visual Fortran files which I do not have access to, so I was wondering if there was a work around for these files to get turbsim compiled on a linux system.


SysSubs.mod is what compiling SysVF.f90 gives you. You should rename SysVF.f90 to something that indicates which compiler it is for (the VF means Visual Fortran) and compile it.

The DFPORT is the Digital Fortran Portability library that adds a lot of Unix and VAX system routines. Eliminate the USE DFPORT statement and fix what is needed. There are some variables at the beginning that will need to be changed. They should be documented sufficiently for you to figure out what to do.

If you send me a working SysXXX.f90 file, I’ll add it to the library to make life easier for others.

Thanks for the fast response and advice. While I do not have the greatest prowess with Fortran I will look into trying to create a working Sys and DFPORT workaround.



I know of a few people who have compiled TurbSim under Linux, but I think most of them use g95. As Marshall indicated, the SysVF.f90 file will have to be changed for the compiler you use. Unfortunately, I do not have source code for compilers other than VF.



I modified the build structure and techniques for compiling FAST ( Hopefully this will be useful for future projects.

turbsim_compile_guide.pdf (437 KB)

Dear Sir,

I am not sure if my question is relevant to the topic of this forum but I could not find other rooms discussing TurbSIM. So, I hope it is ok that I am posting my question here.

I am a new user of FAST, TurbSIM.
I have been trying to install TurbSIM on my 64bit- windows7. I downloaded the files from “” and followed the instructions on how to install and run it. But unfortunately, every time I try to run “TurbSIM” or any sample files from the command prompt window, the operation is aborted and I get the message as: (the input file, .inp, was not found)

Would you please advise how I can fix this problem and if I am missing out something here?


Dear Elham,

As with most of our software, to start running TurbSim, it easiest to open up your command window in the directory in which your TurbSim input file and TurbSim executable are stored. For example, if you have an input file named “Input.inp”, along with “TurbSim.exe”, stored in “C:\FileLocation”, you should type:

C:>cd FileLocation
C:\FileLocation> TurbSim Input.inp

The syntax is the same for different input files. Simply change “Input.inp” to whatever input file you want.

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Dear NREL team,

I am using visual studio 2015 to compile turbsim v2.00, but met an error saying "could not find ‘link’ ", it didn’t specify any line number in the error log, only indicated ‘file’ named ‘Link’.

I am new to compiling and Turbsim, could you please help me out? Thank you!

Best regards,
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Dear Xuwen.Wang.

What is written to the “Output” window in Visual Studio?

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