Aerofoil format

Hello everyone,

the latest FAST update is really great. Having the ability to calculate forces and translations, etc. at local blade and tower stations is a big improvment.
With all those changes I was hoping to run a FAST simulation with the aerofoil format used by the latest WT_Perf. Unfortunately FAST throws the following error message.


Therefore I was wondering if it is somehow possible to make the “Wt_Perf” format work with FAST and which aerofoil format will be used for future releases? Handling both formats is error prone and takes a lot of time.

Looking really forward for any reply and help !

Best regards

Tim Gerloff


I apologize for taking months to respond, but I’ve been digging myself out of a hole for the past few months.

I created the WT_Perf format with the intention that AeroDyn would eventually use the same format. I’m afraid it will be sometime next year before that will happen.