AeroDyn15 interface

Hello, is there an AeroDynv15 interface description available? For AeroDynv13 I found usefull information in “Addendum to the user Guides for FAST, A2AD, and AeroDyn Released March 2010-February 2013”. As I see it, AeroDyn15 functions are called in a quite different way now.
Thanks, Matthias

Dear Matthias,

AeroDyn v15 is the first version of AeroDyn to fully follow all of the requirements of the FAST modularization framework. Thus, the interface is explained in the NWTC Programmer’s Handbook: … 130717.pdf. With this background, and a review of the AeroDyn v15 Registry input file (AeroDyn_Registry.txt), you should have a full understanding of how the interface functions.

Best regards,