Aerodyn v.14 to Adams 2016

Hello, here I’m new and after be ready to make some simulation with Fast v.7, i’m trying to simulate my story of wind in Adams 2016.
FIrst of all I have created the model from Fast, but now, after reading three manual, I really do not understand how to proceede in order to create all the file needeed to make possibile the interaction between Adams and Aerodyn.
So I’m asking if someone can explain to me the really “low-level” step I need to do, or and advise of what can I read to understand. Thank you

Dear Davide,

I have not used the FAST-to-ADAMS preprocessor, MSC.ADAMS, or the ADAMS-to-AeroDyn interface in years, so, it will be difficult for me to answer questions related to it. The ADAMS2AD website and associated links/files are your best source of information:

Best regards,