AeroDyn Version for GDW model


I have question regarding which Aerodyn version is best for using GDW model. At present, I’m using AerodynV14.04, I found out that the new Aerodyn V15.02 does not support GDW. So, do I get better results if I shift to AerodynV14.05 or it doesn’t make any difference? I’m also thinking to use new FAST version V8.15.


Dear Chaitanya,

FAST v8.12 and v8.15 both support both AeroDyn v14 and AeroDyn v15. We will drop support of AeroDyn v14 once all of the pertinent features of v14 are available in v15. While AeroDyn v15 supports many features not available in v14 (see Appendix G in the v15 manual for a summary:, the biggest limitation of AeroDyn v15 relative to v14 is that v15 does not yet support Generalized Dynamic Wake (GDW). If you need to use GDW, you must currently use AeroDyn v14. We are currently working on a dynamic wake implementation for AeroDyn v15, but this is not yet available.

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