required UAE data

Hello everyone,

i wounder if i can get access to some NREL Ph.VI sequences to validate an aerodynamic model that i am building? Instead of digitizing the data from literature i thought to ask from the source as i am going to use this for publication. I will acknowledge Nrel in the publication. i need urgently

Sequence Q:

Q0500000 Q0800000 Q1000000

and if the following sequences available would be great.

Sequence K

K0600RU0 K0600RD0 K0600ST0 K1000RU0 K1000RD0 K1000ST0 K1500RU0 K1500RD0 K1500ST1 K2000RU0 K2000RD0 K2000ST0

Best Regards

Mohamed Hammam