Access to the LE3 data set

Hi !

Could somebody kindly teach me the way to get access to database for validation of design load extrapolation techniques? In the paper written by Dr. Moriarty (Wind Energy. 2008; 11: 559-576), two data sets were said to be available for future researchers.

Thanks in advance for your help !


Hi Youngjun,

It depends on how much of the data you would like - the entitre databse is approximately 1.5TB, and if you send me a hard drive I can fill it and mail it back to you. If you’d like some small subset, we may be able to set up transfer via ftp or web. Please email me and let me know your specific interest.


Dear Patrick Moriarty,

I am a Phd candidate in Ireland and I am interested in some of the LE3 data for a comparative study on fatigue.
Is it possible for you to share with me subsets of the LE3 data? Only the time series for the bending moment in the tower component(at the interface point with substructure) and if possible both blade moments (though that more important in-plane).

Would this represent too much data to send online? Also, in fact I am only interested in the rainflow counting of these two which is likely to represent less data.

Kind regards,