1.5 MW baseline parameters

I have been using the 5MW reference wind turbine parameters in my studies of wind turbine.
Which has been very helpful as all information required is presented in the handbook ‘Definition of a 5-MW Reference Wind Turbine for Offshore’.

I was hoping to do the same with the 1.5 MW baseline but I’m missing some information.
cut-in speed=?
Full-System Natural Frequencies
Blade natural Frequency(Flaping1st&2nd and Edgewise1st&2nd) =?
Tower natural Frequency (Fore-Aft1st&2nd) =?

If someone could also give me the FAST INPUT FILE for 1.5 MW baseline

Michael Harte

Dear Michael,

The WindPACT 1.5-MW baseline wind turbine is modelled in test cases 11-14 of FAST’s CertTest. Please see the CertTest folder of the FAST archive for the input files. Test 14 is an analysis that calculates the full-system natural frequencies for the parked rotor case. The cut-in wind speed is 3 m/s.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

That’s great thanks.
And thanks for quick reply.

Michael Harte