Parameters for Blade-Pitch controller


In the document titled ‘Definition of a 5-MW Reference Wind Turbine for Offshore System Development’, section 7.3 (Baseline Blade-Pitch Controller) develops a second order differential equation to calculate KP and KI for the controller.

Quote: “Aiming for the response characteristics given by ωφn = 0.6 rad/s and ζφ = 0.6 to 0.7…”

I’m working on the Windpact 1.5MW turbine. It’d help me if I know the logic behind taking these values.

I understand that ζφ = 0.7 is commonly considered an ideal response. What about choosing ωφn = 0.6 rad/s? Is this a system property of the 5MW turbine? Or is it true for large wind turbines in general?


Dear Sarat,

The value of 0.6 rad/s is recommended in Ref. [10] of the NREL 5-MW specifications report:

While the value works well for the NREL 5-MW turbine, the value is not unique to this turbine. Because of its generality, I would consider 0.6 rad/s a good starting point that may need to be refined for any specific turbine.

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