Error Encountered When Yawing Turbine in Fast.Farm

Dear All,

I’m reaching out for assistance with an issue I’m encountering while attempting to yaw my turbine in Fast.Farm. Specifically, I’m applying nacelle yaw in the Elastodyn input file for the turbine. Strangely, when the nacelle yaw angle is set to 0, there are no errors. However, as soon as I change it to any other angle, an error occurs.

FARM_InitialCO:AWAE_CalcOutput:LowResGridCalcOutput:The center of wake plane #0 for turbine #1
has passed the lowest-most Y boundary of the low-resolution domain.
LowResGridCalcOutput:The rotor plane for turbine 1 has left the low-resolution domain (i.e.,
there are no points in the polar grid that lie within the low-resolution domain).

I’ve conducted some initial troubleshooting, including confirming that the turbine remains within the domain boundaries when visualized in Paraview alongside the domain vtk files. However, I’m still unclear about what might be causing the error.

Could someone kindly provide insights or guidance on what might be causing this issue and how to address it?

Best Regards,
Emmanuvel Joseph Aju

Dear @EmmanuvelJoseph.Aju,

Can you clarify: is the nacelle-yaw degree of freedom enabled in ElastoDyn (YawDOF = TRUE)? If so, are you setting the same yaw angle in both ElastoDyn and ServoDyn (NacYaw = YawNeut)? If not, this has been known to cause issues in OpenFAST and presumably FAST.Farm as well as the nacelle-yaw quickly snaps back to zero.

Best regards,