Windows with Visual Studio regression test

Dear all,
I just installed OpenFast on Windows 10. I tried to execute the regression tests of section “Windows with Visual Studio regression test”, as described in the manual.
Concerning step 1 : “Clone the openfast repo and initialize the testing database”, it worked well (see step1 in attachment) but at step 2 :“Build The Regression Testing DISCON DLLs”, I get 3 errors when building the solution on Visual Studio (see step2 in attachment).
Where do those errors come from and how can I solve them?
Kind regards.

Goyan Leloup

Dear Goyan,

I don’t see that your attachments are showing up. Regardless, I would suggest posting all OpenFAST installation- and compiling-related questions into the issues section of the OpenFAST github repository: You’ll get more direct support from OpenFAST developers–who may not check this forum frequenty–there. This forum better supports OpenFAST usage-related questions.

Best regards,