Wind Veer Parameter

Hi, I am trying to recreate the following study for a turbine at SWiFT:

“Assessment of Wind Parameter Sensitivity on Ultimate and Fatigue Wind Turbine Loads: Robertson, Sethuraman, Jonkman, Quick (2018)”.

I will be using TurbSim → OpenFAST and examining different parameters than those in the above study, but I did want to examine veer (β in the paper). I grepped all the input files and found nothing. I also didn’t find anything in the TurbSim Manual. How can I change the veer for these simulations?


Dear Abhi,

In TurbSim v2 and TurbSim within OpenFAST, the veer (change in wind direction with height) can be specified using the user-defined wind profile option (WindProfileType=“USR”).

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