Wind Toolkit Validation Code Errors

I’m doing research and I would like to validate wind data using the Wind Toolkit for the Great Lakes. I’ve downloaded the example data provided along with the functions and copied the R-script code that was given. However, I keep running into an error where the data.obs and the data.model aren’t correct and therefore the figures aren’t being created. I went through the guide multiple times and can’t figure out what the problem seems to be. This is the error that I keep receiving:
Warning messages:
1: In as.numeric(data.raw[, site.files$WS.col[site.file.row]]) :
NAs introduced by coercion
2: In as.numeric(data.raw[, site.files$WD.col[site.file.row]]) :
NAs introduced by coercion
3: In as.numeric(data.raw[, site.files$Temp.col[site.file.row]]) :
NAs introduced by coercion

Error in colnames<-(*tmp*, value = c(“timestamp”, “WS.model”, “WD.model”, :
attempt to set ‘colnames’ on an object with less than two dimensions

I also attached my code and the configuration file that I used. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
config1.txt (268 Bytes)