why FAST8.12 is not available to download??

hi Dr.Bonnie ;
i Have a source code of FAST8.12 but i am not able to compile with the FAST8.16 version. But the FAST8.12 is not available in your website. how to solve this problem ?

Dear Srinivasa,

I just sent you a link via e-mail to FAST v8.12.

However, normally we’d recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of the software (which is why we don’t keep the old versions linked on our website). What problem do you have with compiling FAST v8.16?

Best regards,

Hi Jason,

Could you please also send me a link to download FASTV8.09 for the linux version? I am planning to run a few more simulations but also want to be consistent with the previous ones, which are completed with FAST v8.09.

Thanks very much!