Older Versions of FAST 8.x


I am working on a project with somewhat older turbine model for FAST, which was created for FAST 8.08 and 8.10.

However, I cannot seem to find these older versions for download. Is there a way that I can get versions 8.08 and 8.10? This would be great, since changing the models to the latest version of FAST is not an option in this project.


Dear Peter,

I’ve temporally placed old archives of FAST v8.08.00c-bjj and FAST v8.10.00a-bjj here: wind.nrel.gov/public/jjonkman/FAST/. Please let me know when you’ve downloaded them so that I may delete them.

In general, we encourage user’s to upgrade to the newest versions whenever possible.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

thank you for your quick response, I downloaded the files I need.

Best regards,

Thanks, Peter. I’ve now removed the files.

Best regards,