Unable to run test25.fst in FAST 8.16

Hi everybody,

I have recently installed FAST 8.16 and have run some of the Certtest-files. I have run tests 22, 23 and 24 without errors, but for test25.fst i receive an error message:

"Running HydroDyn (v2.05.01, 27-Jul-2016).
Generating incident wave kinematics and current time history.
Reading in WAMIT output with root name “.\5MW_Baseline/HydroData/marin_semi”.
Computing radiation impulse response functions and wave diffraction forces.
Calculating second order difference-frequency force using the quadratic transfer function.
Calculating second order sum-frequency force using the full quadratic transfer function.

[b]FAST_InitializeAll: HydroDyn_Init: Error allocating space for the distributed dynamic pressure forces/moments array.

FAST encountered an error during module initialization.
Simulation error level: FATAL ERROR

Aborting FAST."[/b]

After this, the program terminates.

I think the problem is related to my PC (I run FAST 8.16 on an intel core 2 duo 2 GHz with 4 GB ram and windows 10). Do somebody know the reason for this error?

Best regards,

Jacob K. Pedersen
University of Southern Denmark

Hi, Jacob.

The message indicates there isn’t enough memory to run that test. If you’ve compiled it yourself, make sure the LARGE ADDRESS AWARE compiling option is set. Otherwise, I’d recommend switching to the 64-bit version of the executable

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for the help, I will look at the 64-bit version.

Best regards

Jacob K. Pedersen