HydroDyn - Full QTF with multiple directions

Dear Jason,

I am trying to get a simulation to run with a full QTF obtained from WAMIT. However, I continue to struggle, as HydroDyn will not accept my .12d input file.

I am aware that HydroDyn expect all direction pairs to be populated and I have updated my input file accordingly. Still, I keep getting the same error:
“FAST_InitializeAll:HydroDyn_Init:WAMIT2_Init:DiffQTF_InitCalc: Maximum wave direction required of
0 is notfound in the WAMIT data file”.

So, I started again with the marin.12d file used for the OC4 floater in the regression tests. In this file, only one wave direction (0 deg) is provided. Using this file, the simulations works. Next, I extended this file with 1 additional wave direction (30 deg), including the cross directional input. I copied the original forces/moments provided for 0 deg, to each of those additional 3 direction pairs (0-30, 30-0 and 30-30).

Still, I get the same error message. I have attached my .12d file as a .txt file. Would you have any ideas why this is not working?

Thanks & regards,
floater.txt (4.67 MB)

Dear Ebert,

The error your are receiving sounds related to issue #9 (github.com/OpenFAST/openfast/issues/9) posted on OpenFAST. This bug has now been fixed in a branch or OpenFAST, but this branch has not yet been merged into the development branch of yet. But you can click the link above to find the fix.

Best regards,

Thanks Jason. I did come across this post, but since it was a few years old and didn’t see this topic among the open issues on GitHub, I expected it to be resolved in V2.2.0.

I may have to spend some effort again in compiling FAST myself then.

Best regards