Simulation error Test25.fst

Dear everyone,
In my simulation about test25.fst in FAST8.08,I have not change anything,size of RAM in my computer is 2G,but FAST encounter an error just like:error.jpg
so I change another computer with 8G RAM,it runs normally.but the TIME RATIO is low(0.43).
I want to know the reason and how to make my personal computer(2G RAM) run nornally!

best regard!


FAST_Win32.exe will run this case on 64-bit Windows platforms with more than 2GB RAM, but as you pointed out, Test 25 does not run when using FAST_Win32.exe on 32-bit Windows platforms and/or Windows systems with 2 GB RAM or less. For now, it seems you will have to run this case on a different computer.

We are hoping to reduce the memory requirements in the next version of FAST.

Dear Ruiliang Wang,

Until the FAST change Bonnie mentioned is available, to reduce the memory the requirements of Test25, you could increase WaveDT or reduce WaveTMax in HydroDyn.

Best regards,