Turbsim 1.50

Hello everybody,

Is Turbsim 1.50 still downloadable ?

The input files for Tubsim provided with FAST 8 are for Turbsim 1.50, however I can only found Turbsim 1.06 on the download page nwtc.nrel.gov/TurbSim

Thank you
Boubekeur Boukhezzar

Dear Boubekeur,

Despite the odd numbering, TurbSim v1.06.00 replaced TurbSim v1.50 (what used be one digit was changed to two digits, and decimals where added, i.e. 5 -->06). The v1.50 input files should be compatible with v1.06.00. See the bottom of the TurbSim Change Log for details on the update: nwtc.nrel.gov/system/files/Chan … urbSim.txt.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Thank you Jason