About TurbSim Input File.

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I have some questions about TurbSim Input File.
[TurbSim Input File. Valid for TurbSim v1.50; 17-May-2010; Example file that can be used with…] this is the notice of TurbSim Input File which can be found in the folder of FAST v8.16, and [TurbSim Input File. Valid for TurbSim v1.06.00, 21-Sep-2012 ], this is in the FAST v7.
It is clearly that the ed. of v8 is lower than v7, Now I can’t download TurbSim v1.50 on the Web, if it is useful to simulink the TurbSim Input File of v8 with TurbSim v1.06.00(.EXE)? And how can I download TurbSim v1.50?
Another question, I find some parameters (example [ IECKAI TurbModel ------- Turbulence model (“IECKAI”=Kaimal,… )] ), IECKAI with quotes in statement (“IECKAI”=Kaimal,… ), but input parameter, IECKAI, without quotes. If the code can read correctly?

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Dear Jia,

Actually, TurbSim v1.06.00 is newer than TurbSim v1.50. We changed the numbering convention between TurbSim v1.50 and TurbSim v1.06.00 by adding an extra period and increasing the digits to two. That is, the older TurbSim v1.50 would have been named TurbSim v1.05.00 in the newer numbering convention. There were no additional lines added to the TurbSim input file between v1.50 and v1.06.00, but new options were added to a few of the existing lines. If you don’t want to use those new options, you can use the same input file from v1.50 with TurbSim v1.06.00. I suggest that you use v1.06.00 in place of v1.50.

Yes, you can drop the quotes when entering IECKAI in the TurbSim input file.

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Dear Dr. Jonkman,

Thank you very much. it’s working.
I appreciate your precious time and efforts.

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Dear Jason,

For some reasons, I would like to use white noise spectrum for my wind field. Though I can’t find any option for white noise wind spectrum in the Turbsim. I know that for Wave loading, there is an option of the white noise spectrum, but I am not sure if I can do the same for wind loading. Could you please kindly give me a hint? Thank you very much.

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Dear Arash,

There is no option in TurbSim for generating wind based on a white-noise spectrum. But you could probably customize the source code to include that feature.

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Dear all,
I recently found a problem when I checked the previous simulation. When I used python tools to generate the TurbSim input file, the corresponding HubHt and the set parameters were different, as shown in Figure 1. This will cause the wind speed at the hub to be too high during the actual simulation.

When I tried to find the cause, I saw TurbsimCaseCreation.Py found a “domainsize” function, in which there is a coefficient of 2.23313 in the definition of width and height. I looked up the user manual and found no explanation. Does anyone know?

In addition, what is zbot? Why the value is 1?

If anyone knows the reason, please tell me. Thank you very much!
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Jundong Wang

Where did you get the TurbSimCaseCreation.py script? I have never seen this before, but it looks like this is created for some particular wake meandering (or FAST.Farm) simulation. I would assume zbot refers to “z bottom”, or the lowest height of the grid.

Dear @Jundong.Wang,

I’m not sure I fully understand your questions, but just a couple comments:

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Dear @Bonnie.Jonkman
Sry for replying late , as @Jason.Jonkman said ,i get the scripts in the FAST.Farm tools repository(https://github.com/OpenFAST/python-toolbox/tree/main/pyFAST/fastfarm) ,and what make me confused is the parameter 2.23313. Jason helped me with datailed explanation.
I agree with what you said about zbot, but i can’t figure out why the value is 1.0 in the script.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your help and expect new tools for FAST.Farm!
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Dear @Jundong.Wang,

The bottom of the ambient wind domains is typically chosen close to the ground, but not at zero elevation due to limitations in TurbSim; 1.0 m is a reasonable choice for this.

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